We have Agony Aunt columns in all newspapers and magazines. They are extremely popular – people ask questions that they are tormented or distressed about. Polite wise and extremely friendly aunts (and sometimes uncles) answer in simple English (or whatever the vernacular in use).

So now we have The White House Open For Questions. Americans can ask questions to their President. Questions range from “when will the war in Iraq stop” to “If Marijuana becomes legal, then money will from bad drug dealers to good businessmen”.

Not all questions need to be answered, of course. The White House Website guys have put a simple voting system where citizens vote on the questions put up – whether it is Ok or not.

Obama’s image as a social media friendly President is being extended willy nilly. It is commendable if he personally answers all these questions. Having a straight one-to-one dialogue between two citizens – one of whom is the Head of State – is a practice few countries have.

There’s a fun side of it. A blogger (also called Open For Questions lists all the “funny” or “stupid” questions (what he considers stupid anyway).


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