All the different presentations on Slideshare about the marvel that is Twitter focus on the concept of microblogging – in 140 characters , one expresses the essence of one’s life. Of course, the student of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy does not need anything more than two digits, maybe three if he wants to be cryptic and write “7×6”.

However, couple  of particular individuals whom I follow on Twitter are probably unaware that they are not conforming to the generalisations propounded about this medium.

One such gentleman is Mr. Prem Panicker. A distinguished writer, journalist and cricket fan, Mr. Panicker (or Prem to friends – not to be confused with Prem, the alter ego of Salman Khan or Prem, Prem Chopra) is one for whom the phrase “a man of few words” does not apply. But fortunately, unlike similar afflicted people like Arundhati Roy and an aging Salman Rushdie, Prem does not suffer from verbal diarrhoea. 

This elaborate introduction about Prem Panicker is in aid of furthering the argument that Twitter need not be a 140 character limited telegraphic communication engine. 

For example, today, he tweeted (is there a word) on the on-going Ranji trophy finals:

While on Ranji, Amish Sahiba appears set to be man of the match again — if you define MoM as the person playing the most influential role.

The dismissal of Kaif was unfortunate — and “oddly enough”, his mistakes tend to favor Mumbai most of the time.

That said, not entirely sure what Kaif’s UP thinks it is doing. Digging deep and focusing on accumulation through attrition is fine.

But 117 runs in 60 overs? That kind of stasis puts all the pressure on the batting side, and lets the fielding side free to call the play.

Parvinder earlier this month was on song — in fact, his partnership with Shivkant Shukla helped UP edge ahead of TN in the semis.

That’s a nice feeling to take into this partnership between the same two players

If they can reprise their knocks of 138 and 178 NO from the semis, they can still give Mumbai a scare. 1 wkt though, and Mumbai is home.

When you spend 30 overs scoring 55 runs, it does strange things to your mind.

Flashy shots are what such a mindset eschews, but typically, flash is what batsmen tend to perish to in such situations.

Pity about Parvinder. Shivkant Shukla doing well, but he has too little support left to conceive of getting the 231 runs UP needs to lead.

And this is true even for replies which would make one-line email replies die of shame.

Of course, the twitter scoop of Mumbai terror attacks is well publicised. This leads to relooking at the Twitter status message question, “What are you doing?”

To this, @ddeeps gave as answer, “Most ppl unfollow for noise. I unfollow for silence. Why do ppl.who never engage in convos with me feel miffed if unfollowed is a mystery.

This of course begs the question, what is the meaning of “doing”? Does “what are you doing” also mean “what are you thinking”? What are you ranting about? What are you watching? What are you reading? What are you saying?….

Doing means experiencing life…

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