Saturday the 20th I was at Moss, a neat lounge in Bangalore and there were seven of us including Madhu Menon, the owner of the place. Here are some photographs of the evening. 


Savouring our rum
Savouring our rum

What did we drink?

1. A spicy drink with Old Monk base that Madhu concocted right there in front of us
2. Regular Old Monk with coke

What did we eat?

1. Drunken Beef (really outstanding stuff)
2. A fish preparation which I have forgotten what it is called
3. Black pepper prawns
4. Thai combo meal
5. An aubergine (baingan) dish
6. Chicken satay 

There were four of us from IIM Bangalore tho’ that was purely incidental. The conversations ranged from the latest on the recession, food, pop-culture, IPR issues in playing music in pubs and lounges, etc.

Good meal. Went back to my room in IIMB in an auto paying Rs. 200 for the fare. I have never paid anything more than Rs. 100 for an auto in Mumbai. The maximum I ever paid was when I was working in Delhi – I had to go to Greater NOIDA to the LG office from my office in Malviya Nagar. So I fixed an auto guy who took me there and brought me back. His meter ran out two times over.


2 thoughts on “An evening in Moss

  1. There were four of us from IIM Bangalore tho’ that was purely incidental.

    is the fact that the four of you are sitting on the same side of the table also incidental? and yeah, one of the downsides of IT in bangalore is that autodrivers have started fleecing people. and fixing non-meter fares.

    i’m sure that never happened to you in 96-98.

    1. Well, the fleecing was there in our time – from Roxy on MG Road to campus after the late night show was double meter – came to about 100 bucks or so.

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