The Indian tourism industry obviously has been hit severely – first by the economic recession and second, according to the hospitality industry, and I quote the article on NDTV’s website

The tourism industry, which is seeing fewer tourists coming into the country, is upset with the Mumbai police for releasing footage of the gun battle inside the Taj and Trident hotels. They say this makes tourists stay away from the country.

Further, another quote from the same article goes as this,

“This hotel has been financially hit, so many have lost their lives inside. How does such footage help? It was not right to release it. Plus already over all business is down by 40 per cent,” said Lalit Sheth, MD, Raj Travels

My reading of this is that terror attacks can happen, but please don’t show them. This has been the constant ostrich mentality of the tourism players. Whether it be crime against tourists (quite a few incidents in Goa and Rajasthan – only recently being reported in media), poor infrastructure, abysmal public services – all that is not so important. What is important is the non-projection of all these images and information. Basically, sweeping all of it under the carpet.

It’s strange, in our own country, we need to live and bear with the state of affairs while the same is shielded from the Goras by shuttling them in air-conditioned curtained glass cabins and coaches.

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