December 7 marks 67 years of the Pearl Harbor (am using the American spellings, after all, it is a proper name). While the number of survivors are dwindling with age, one of the oldest ongoing conspiracy theories seems to have been finally put to rest.

The Hindu reports that historians have concluded that US did not have advance information about the attacks. The conspiracy theory was that US (and FDR as president) were aware of the impending attacks but chose to keep it down so that they could then get the nation to support them in the war efforts on the side of the Aliies.

However, in what seems to be another indictment of intelligence failure, the report lists out the bureaucratic intelligence system in the country for not being able to make any call on the Pearl Harbor attack.

The news article says,

The problem with the conspiracy theory is it diverted attention from the real substantive problems, the major issue being the intelligence system was so bureaucratised,”


One thought on “Pearl Harbor – no more conspiracy theory

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