To tour or not to tour, that is the question. Well, there’s nothing creative about this. I was reading David Hopps of the Guardian write his India-England tour diary.

He says,

If England don’t make it to Chennai because of security fears then they might like to know that I’ve played the game twice already since arriving here. I don’t often tell people about my dreams but these have been so surreal that I thought I’d share them.

Poor fellow, in an effort to make up his tour diary, he dreams of a surreal match with Lord MacLaurin as wicketkeeper and Dominic Cork bowling. David himself has been “banished to the checkouts to keep the score.”

In the end, he writes

When Mike Brearely arrives in Chennai – if, indeed, anyone ever arrives – I will show him this nonsense and ask him for a psychologist’s view. His conclusions will (well, actually “may”) be revealed in the next instalment of a tour diary that now desperately needs a tour to write about.

KP on the other hand seems to be Churchill himself – talking about being with the Indian people at this time. “We are coming back for the Indians” he says – source DNA. Thanks mate

Imran on the other hand has warned England from touring saying that terrorists were targeting westerners – source DNA. Well Imran, how come KP (or anyone else) doesn’t seem inclined to say “We are coming back for Pakistanis“?

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