As I was transfixed both TV and my laptop in my house in Chembur, here’s a quick summary of some significant facts and things

Media restrain
Full scale commando operation at the Taj and Trident. Media (TV and online) have been asked to restrain coverage. The same signals are being tracked by terrorists inside as well.

LeT, Karachi, Satcom
6 terrorists arrested in the night are being interrogated (Link): Three things that have emerged so far
– They came in boats from Karachi
– They were talking to Karachi using Satcoms
– Lashkar-e-Toiba of Pakistan is the mastermind (along with local cells)

Good samaritans
Amit Varma blogs about the whole night on India Uncut having been as close to an eyewitness as one can get. Incidentally, Mr. Varma was on Larry King Live as was Deepak Chopra who believes this is a response to Barack Obama’s popularity amongst Muslims. Unfortunately, Deepak Chopra seems to have missed out on the fact that people killed here were mostly Indians who had no connection with Barack Obama in the first place.

The kind folk at the Gordon House Hotel did three important things for us last night. One, they ushered us in when the gunshots began, assuring us that we’d be safer inside than outside. Two, they got us a room for the night, and extra mattresses and so on. Three, in the morning, they refused to accept payment for the room, insisting that we were their guests and this was their duty.

We left them a hefty tip out of gratitude, but I’m still in disbelief about their kindness. I often complain about the poor service in the hospitality industry in India, but never again about All Stir Fry or the Gordon House Hotel. What guys!

Barkha Dutt gets as abominable as possible
In the Kargil war, a bunker of the Indian army was destroyed after the enemy tracked its location using the signals of Barkha Dutt’s Irridium phone. My cousin who was a Brigadier in the war (now he is a Major General) told me of deep anger in the army towards her – she continued to use her phone even after being warned – Remember that blurb they keep showing “I am speaking from a bunker…”

Now she is in front of Trident and talking about negotiations, political indecision, Kandahar hijacking… hello, can we cut out this needless speculation?

Best places to keep in touch
Run the search string #mumbai in Twitter and keep refreshing or use this
A page on the entire 26 November 2008 Mumbai attack is being developed in realtime (Well done, who ever is doing it) has started a Light a Candle on its website

Regret SMS
In the middle of all this, a generic regret sms was sent by Bigflix and seventymm saying they would be unable to do any deliveries today. Well, there’s nothing to be regretful about.

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