My WordPress version of my blog has now crossed the 1000 views mark. So a cause to celebrate in the knowledge that there are a few out there who find joy in my ramblings. Some interesting trivia about my blog (interesting from my point of view)

The three most popular posts as of today are

1. Harihareshwar & Shrivardhan: This was a post I had done on my blog when it was on Blogger. This is a log of my own trip to these places on the Konkan coast.

2. Lalbaghcha Raja: This was a post I made following a visit to the mandap. Obviously with the ten day Ganpati festival, this proved quite popular

3. Tied – Creating a revolution with vegetables and my memories of raan: The first one is on the famous story of Kaushalendra, an IIMA guy who started a vegetable retailing model using a refrigerated cart in Patna. The latter was my recollection of a dinner at Karim’s (the memories being triggered by a post on Jenny & Dave’s Our Delhi Struggle)

I wish to thank all you came and saw and read my posts. Please keep coming.


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