Lalbaghcha Raja, 5th September
Lalbaghcha Raja, 5th September

I am not much of a visiting-Ganpati-pandals person. I just tag along for the timepass. Having abstained from visiting Lalbagh due to the terror of serpentine lines (am not so poius and devout), this year was asked by some well wishers to find a solution – no line but full darshan. 

Having worked on consulting projects over time and having built some network of people, one had to quietly check with a few to understand possibilities. And lo, it happened within 12 hours. On 4th, I asked this gentleman if he had a key to Lalbagh, he said done. Next day, he says go there, meet this person (to protect identity, am not saying more than this), he will escort you in.

And that is what happened. We reached at 7.45 pm, this gentleman met us at 7.50 pm, we were inside (see photograph) by 7.55 pm. and we were out by 8.30 pm.

Basic tips:

  1. No car. If you still want to bring your car, leave it either in Dadar or Byculla and walk.
  2. Carry water cos it is very humid and all the walking will make you dehydrated
Have fun

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