Some excerpts from Nadal’s last post on his blog on TimesOnline. For the record, Nadal lost to Andy Murray in a match that was interrupted by rain and was played over two days in different courts.

Andy played better than me both yesterday and today and he deserved to win. No excuses, no complaints.

Keeping it straight and simple. 


Tomorrow it will be his first Grand Slam final and I am happy for him. it will be difficult for him since Roger is still Roger. I remember when lots of people were saying he was finished. I always said that Roger deserved more respect, and that he is still there, the favourite always.

Note what he says about Roger Federer. When was the last time you heard something like this – a current world no. 1 on the previous one. 


Finally holidays. I left home on July 18th and played Toronto, Cincinnati, Olympics in Beijing and here in New York since then. I will play some golf, be with friends, family maybe fish a bit and not much more. Don’t have time for more. Then start practicing again to be ready for the Davis Cup.

This guy is the top tennis player in the world and all he gets is three days for himself.


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