Our friends Jenny and Dave have experienced Karim’s at Jama Masjid. The visuals and the talk of the heavenly fare brought back memories of one dinner on a cold winter night in December 2006. We started with some, well, starters – sheekh kababs and shammi kababs, while the raan was being made. Then some chicken legs followed. And some more kababs. Then came the raan – a full leg of mutton nicely roasted with all the spices that brought Europeans all the way from their cold houses to the tropical lands of the Indian subcontinent.

After about three hours of quiet, focused and extremely epicureanistic consumption of the food, we sat back – hunger satiated, tummies double in size, and the body nicely warmed up.

The temperature outside was in single digits but I slept the whole night without a blanket.  

In the past, I have eaten at Karim’s at Hazrat. Of course, the food here is at the same level. But the ambience of the majestic Jama Masjid, the cloistered lanes and streets of old Delhi and the general chaos gives a completely different experience.

Note: Vegetarians may find this place a bit unappetising


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