Got to see Rock On over the weekend. Being a rock music listener and having seen some earlier movies on rock like Almost Famous, The School of Rock, Wayne’s World and others, one had one’s own set of expectations. Of course, the concept of rock music in Hindi films is very loosely used.

One was pleasantly surprised and even happy to see some good work done – one can always find points of criticism – but overall, I found it a good watch and a good hear.

Rock music has its own appeal as compared to other genres and when it is played live, the atmosphere and ambience works together with the band’s own energy. All the songs in the film were picturised as live performances – which meant a lot of “choreography” in terms of the band’s movements on stage, the crowd, the sound, the ambience, etc. The output that I saw, IMHO, was very good.

The specifics of the songs, the lyrics, etc., one can debate about it but that is for a more detailed and deep discussion. The plot itself is nothing new. The personas of the different bands, the ego clashes, the relationships have been seen before. But the freshness came from the cast (everyone playing their role, not overshadowing anyone else), a lot of clean photography and some efficient editing.

My personal recommendation is to see it without any comparision to any other movie of this kind. Also, if you are not a rock music lover, you may miss out on many things during the some of the live show scenes


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