This might be the day that non-cricket sports lovers of India were waiting for. After 28 long years, finally we win a gold at the Olympic Games, courtesy Abhinav Bindra in shooting. We also lost the test series in Sri Lanka. So success in shooting (non-cricket), defeat in cricket.

And is Leander-Mahesh and the other shooters can add a bit more joy, we may have something going. There’s also the Indian football team playing in the final of the AFC Challenge Cup against Tajikistan with more than a decent chance of winning. It may not rival the highest standards in football, but for the level that we are in, reaching a final of an international tournament is an achievement for a success starved nation. It can’t get worse than this. So winning anything is a start for better things to happen.

Back in 1983, when India won the World Cup at Lord’s, in hockey we had that debacle at the 1982 Asian Games which continued in the World Cup. So while cricket went up in India, hockey was on its way down.

Today, it’s up to our “esteemed” sports administrators to make the most of it.


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