Over the past many years, we have engaged with the problem of employability looking at challenges areas like performance, attrition, personal fulfillment, compensation, etc. The problem has been studied at different aspects of the talent management value chain – recruitment, team building, learning & practice development, compensation modeling, etc.

Using our studies as well as incorporating core philosophical values, Illumine has architected the i-become™ initiative that brings “contribution thinking” at the centre of all things. Partnering with private investors and members of the corporate community, Illumine is building a business structure to share this thought through diverse services for career seekers and employers.

The i-become™ initiative

Contribution thinking in both employers and employees results in greater productivity and lower attrition. What contribution thinking does is that it focuses on the outcomes and expectations of a role in an organization with respect to the larger goals of the organisation. This helps employers identify the right capabilities needed to perform the role; for employees, it helps them self-select themselves for such roles depending on their own assessment of capabilities and orientation. This leads to a fitment where the right people get the right jobs (NOT “best people for best jobs”)

Career Exploration – the i-become Explorium™

The delivery model envisioned is a career exploration solution called the i-become Explorium™ in career seeker touch points like web, colleges, professional communities, etc. The key features of this model are

  1. Each exploration unit would focus around a domain like Software, Financial Services, Media, etc.
  2. Within each domain, we explore what roles and career paths exist – contribution pathways.
  3. We also map out typical business models in each domain and write about what are the opportunities, sustainability trends, etc
  4. For each role, we highlight the contribution to the business outcomes, the capabilities required from the role holder, the environment in which the role holder operates, the stakeholder relationships, the challenges, etc.
  5. We also map current job opportunities (through paid corporate listings) relevant to each role.
  6. For corporate clients, we offer additional services like “Pre-Interview” where potential career seekers can go through a series of fitment / diagnostic exercises to check suitability / employability. Corporate HR managers get access to candidates who are deemed suitable for the roles.

The model will be executed in an integrated fashion

  1. Web
  2. Colleges (final year students) – engineering, MBA, etc.
  3. Inside large communities (e.g. training institutes, associations, social networks, etc)

The services offered through these clinics (oriented towards the career seeker) would have among others

  1. Exploration interface
  2. Diagnostic fitment exercises
  3. Capacity building packs (e.g. Performance English – building capacity in using English to get work done)
  4. Mentoring / One – on – one help
  5. Other useful publications and products

The Purpose of a Design Network – Shift from Job to Contribution Space

As part of this exercise, we are developing a new perspective on “jobs”. For each job, role, assignment or whatever one calls it, we are modeling the entire contribution space. We are calling it “Contribution Pathways”. The detailing of each role would be in terms of the following:

  1. Core outcomes of each role and their impact on the overall organisation business model
  2. Stakeholders involved
  3. Challenges to achieving outcomes
  4. Progression of responsibilities (Growth)
  5. Environment
  6. Future outlook (next 5 years)
  7. Synergies with other roles (for migration possibilities)
  8. Typical capabilities required (“able to dos”)
  9. The content for the Career Exploration clinics will be built around these models

Given the conventional form in which jobs are described in current media, this shift requires rigorous modeling activity and fundamentally requires key design inputs from professionals and practitioners.

Being Part of the Design Network – Your Support

We are building Design Networks in different domains starting with IT, Financial Services and Media.

We seek to learn from you your personal journey as a professional in the IT industry. We would like to understand the different roles you have played, the contributions, the capacities, the know-how, etc. This knowledge will be used to build a robust model as described above.

You can help us in many ways:

  1. If based in Mumbai / available in Mumbai
    1. A physical one-on-one depth interview at a convenient location
  2. If based in India (not Mumbai)
    1. A 20 – 25 minute phone call (at your convenience) during which we will interview you.
    2. If a depth interview is required, we can schedule a travel plan to actually meet.
  3. If based out of India:
    1. A preliminary e-mail containing a set of questions
    2. For clarifications, a 20 – 25 minute phone call (at your convenience) during which we will seek to clarify and explicitate certain information.

After the Interview

  1. A transcript of the interview along with our observations, annotations, etc would be shared with you. You can quickly verify / validate / enhance the same.
  2. As the model is finally made, we will cite your interview as key research reference.
  3. A demonstration of the final model would be made available to you and your feedback sought.

About Us

Illumine Knowledge Resources is a Mumbai-based design lab engaged in developing and putting in place core values in business or organization systems. Illumine specializes in building large-scale intervention architectures in companies or social communities that enable transformation and evolution of the overall system along core values like customer (Human) centricity, contribution thinking, citizenship and sustainability.

Our website is

The i-become initiative has been designed and architected by Illumine and is managed by a venture founded by Illumine along with private investors and selected members of the Indian corporate community.

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  1. Nice Article On Social Networking ! Thank you for keeping up the good work. I look forward to returning to your Social Network space, and learning more about Business Social Networking from you !

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