This is what Nadal wrote on his blog the day before the final

Hi everyone,

This is my last blog post from Wimbledon. I have to be realistic and I don’t think I will be able to do it tomorrow. On Monday I am flying early in the morning to Stuttgart and tomorrow win or lose it will be impossible to do it. If I win (please, please) I will be going to the winners party/dinner that the club organizes and logically I won’t have time. If I lose then I will be packing everything (got a lot of luggage, as always) and I will be together with my family. In any case I have an early flight on Monday morning.

You can read the full post on his Wimbledon blog

Vijay Armritraj whose knowledge of the game is quite immense made a point of how, for Federer, Nadal, an enigma on clay had become a complete puzzle on grass. Noting the three consecutive finals – French and Wimbledon in the last three years – on all the French Open finals, it has been a one-sided game. In Wimbledon, the first year, 2006, Nadal was beaten in three sets. Next year, he took it to five sets. This year, he was two sets up before Federer’s revival. But unlike last year, Nadal held on to win. The “closure” is what Nadal has gained. Federer is yet to even open the door on clay.

Next year, it could well be Nadal v Djoikovic. Hopefully, Federer will be there.


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