According to Wikipedia, there are only three temples in India dedicated to Brahma with the one at Pushkar claiming to be the “Only One in the world

In one of the rock-cut temples in Mahabalipuram, the one called Trimurti, there was a relief of Brahma. I don’t know whether it is counted among these three temples.

I came across one in Bangkok called Erawan Shrine. It is in the same compound as the Erawan Hyatt and was built in the fifties to ward off bad spirits that plagued the building and development of the hotel (Erawan Hotel). You can check the history in Wikipedia (Erawan Shrine)

For those backpacking to Bangkok, a 5 minute detour is well worth it for its neat structural and historical value, irrespective of your religious practices.

Incidentally, the name Erawan is actually Airavat, the elephant of Indra, King of the Gods.


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