The problem in the indentured labour business is that it is limited to a specific activity which has a definite end-time (usually a few years) e.g. railroad construction or plantation work in the British Empire where Indians were indentured and consequently settled in areas as distant as Trinidad, East Africa, Fiji, etc. After that, the workers are on their own or are transported by their masters to other areas of operations.

In this new age world of indentured labour where the Indian is sitting in front of a computer screen at home working for the client who sits many thousand miles away, this problem has arisen again. With call centers become low-brow (Source: BusinessWeek) in India, those who trained their voices and accents to talk to Americans and Brits now have to quickly shape up on new skills or be shipped out.

So is this really worthwhile?

One thought on “Indentured Labour – the Indian BPO Industry

  1. Folks like you are what we call ‘status-seekers’ in education, in jobs.

    For ye, the ceo is God, and his army(grassroot employees) are just labourers.

    Fact is our bpo’s take care of us, multiple times over, than what your average bell-weather stock company would.

    Economy is booming(cliched innit), thank the service sector, and no we aren’t underpaid ‘coolies’, hehe.

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