7 days down, here are the answers and scores. Hope you had fun

10 – Deepak Shenoy
9 – Anindya Ray
7.5 – Arvind Krishnan (Q10 – incomplete), Rekha (or is it Sunita?) Kakde
7 – Shriram Shankar
6.5 – Shafeek M, Vamsi Yadavalli
6 – Pranav, J Alfred Prufock (AB), Anant Singhania (who is Bahadur Shah the Second?)
5.5 – Ratnakar, Suresh Ramasubramaniam
5 – Rajesh Mohan, Pranav Shetty
4.5 – Husain Poonawala, Varun Reddy
4 – Vinesh Kumar ( 0.5 for Q4 and 0.5 for Q10 – both incomplete), MonsKunFrank (whatever that means), Sadashiv
3 – Jaykumar Babu, Priya Kamala, Prateek V,
2.5 – Rajiv Chowdhury (0.5 for Q10)
2 – Ankur Jain, Saurabh Jaiswal,
1 – Abhirup Ganguly
0.5 – Shrikant Madani, for at least venturing into the “gray areas” and coming as close as Geo… for Q1
0 – Shridar Sriram (There were many emperors after Aurangzeb)

As the Monsoon trickles in, some more passing showers of questions for the week ahead

1. Who was the last Emperor of India?

The thing about trick questions is that there is no trick – the trick is always with the listener (or reader).

After the fall of Bahadur Shah Zafar (who was indeed the last Mughal Emperor) in 1857, the territory of India presently under the control of the East India Company was brought under the realm of the ruling monarch (Queen Victoria) who took on the title Kaiser-i-hind or Empress of India (Emperor for male monarchs).

As of 1947, the King of Great Britain and the Emperor of India was King George VI. After 15th August 1947, he became just sovereign monarch of the British Commonwealth and nothing after 26th Jan 1950.

Interestingly (for the trivia lovers) while Bahadur Shah Zafar was exiled by the British to Rangoon in Burma, the last King of Burma, Thebaw, was exiled by the British in Ratnagiri in India in a building called Outram House (The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh is recommended reading)

2. What has three varieties – Broad, Central and Cultivated?

Probably the worst form of English, closely followed by American English and probably competing with Bengali English for the honours – Australian English

Cultivated Australian English sounds like an oxymoron

3. This fish has a peculiar trait where the father fish can take on the female form to breed his babies in case of death of the mother. Easily recognised by its bright orange colour with three white and black markings, the demand for this fish as pet suddenly trebled in 2003. Name the fish?

Clownfish of course, the Finding Nemo effect

4. Son of grocery store father and school teacher mother, worked as futures and options trader for six years “making enough money to support himself and his wife for the rest of their lives “. He then started a soft-porn website. In 2005-6, Time magazine listed him as one of 100 most influential people for something he started in 2001. His philosophy was “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing “. Who?

James “Jimbo” Wales of wikipedia (0.5 for those who just said wikipedia founder)

5. The First woman to graduate out of medical school in Italy, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1949, 1950 and 1951. Her face replaced Marco Polo on the 1000 lire bank note and stayed there till Italy adopted the Euro. Who?

Dr. Maria Montessori, amazing story to read about

6. Named after the German for Team Spirit, it is made using something called Thermal Bonding technology. Who is using this?

Teamgeist is German for Team Spirit. it is the brand of football that is being used at the World Cup
(Obligatory current affairs question)

7. Which is “The great city of angels, the supreme unconquerable land of the great immortal divinity, the royal capital of nine noble gems, the pleasant city, with plenty of grand royal palaces, and divine paradises for the reincarnated deity Vishnu, given by Indra and created by the god of crafting Visnukarma “?

Bangkok (krung thep da da doo doo blah blah…)

8. It’s Greek for smell. Sax’s Dangerous Properties of Industrial materials describes it as a colourless (sometimes pale blue) gas (dark blue in liquid form) and it’s quantity in the atmosphere is measured using Dobson units. What is it?

Ozone (O3)

9. “He claims he’s a Robin Hood but to me he’s just a robbing hood“, one of his victims once said. He frequently leaves a “calling card” at the scenes of his “crimes,” consisting of a stick drawing of a man with a halo. Louis Hayward was the first actor play the character in films. Who?

Simon Templar (The Saint)

10. The company has two models in the market today. One costs $275,000, the other $165,000. Both are named after fighting bulls. If it helps you, the first one was the name of a bull that survived sword strokes in Cordoba driving the matador to spare him. The second is named after a famous breed of fighting bulls and means “gallant” in Spanish. What are we talking of?

Okay, Lamborghini gets only 0.5 points. Need to see the two model names – Murcielago and Gallardo

Some trivia, the bull Murcielago after surviving the bull fight was sold to a breeder called Miura which was also the name of the first Lamborghini launched in the 60’s



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