1. What does Bill Murray want you to do with your relaxing times?
“For your relaxing times, make it Suntory time”
Bob Harris (Bill Murray) comes to Tokyo to do a commercial for Suntory whiskey and gets Lost in Translation
Interstingly, according to IMDB, Francis Ford Coppla (Sofia Coppola’s pa) did a commercial for Suntory whiskey as well along with Akiro Kurasawa
2. Situated at the western end of the Palisadoes sand spit that protects Kingston Harbour in Jamaica, which city had gained a reputation in the 17th century as both the “richest and wickedest city in the world”?
Port Royal
As the movie promo goes, Captain Jack is Back
3. What word originates from the Greek for “place to be naked”?
Gymnasium (hence Gymnast, Gym, etc.) from gymnos meaning “naked”. Essentially such places were meant for bathing as well as doing up the body with exercises and stuff.

4. Question for Historians, connect a brand of whiskey, 15th Century Italian humanist Flavio Bondo and Sir Charles Chaplin? (Note: Maintain the sequence when cracking the connect, it would help)

European history is divided into three ages –

The period before first millenium (corresponding to the end of the Roman Empire),
900 AD till about 1600 AD (approx Renaissance)
1600 AD leading on to the Industrial Revolution till date
The terms used to describe these three ages are Antiquity, Middle Ages and Modern Times
I guess brand of whiskey and Charles Chaplin explain themselves. Flavio Bondo coined the term “Middle Ages”

5. Born Peter ______ William Huggins. Educated at Eton. Military Father didn’t like the acting profession so he changed his surname. Played Audrey Hepburn’s brother in one film and her suitor in another. Played Dr Watson in a play in 1980 called “The Crucifer of Blood” (based on The Sign of Four). He is to the character ______ ________ what Sean Connery is to James Bond. Who?

Peter JEREMY William Huggins took on the surname BRETT
6. Current Affairs, Germany 2006 would showcase two of the best footballers over the last decade or so. Identify them.

a: The first one: Winner of the EPL and the Champions League, used to cry when he saw his English club mates prepare for the previous World Cups. Semi-retired, he plays semi-professional football in Australia but was available for one last hurrah for his national team helping them make their debut at the World Cup.

Dwight Yorke, Trinidad & Tobago
b: European footballer of year, top scorer in the Italian Serie A, easily the most recognised footballer from his country which makes its first appearance in the World Cup this year. Niggling injuries may pose some problems but if he plays, his team is most likely to make it into the second round along with Spain from Group H. Who.
Andrei Shevchenko, Ukraine
Other great footballers of the last decade who have not yet played in the world Cup (and looks unlikely given the ages of some of them)
George Weah (Liberia) – Only African to be World Footballer of the Year
Ryan Giggs (Wales) – Looks unlikely, 2010 will see him at the age of nearly 40
Roy Keane (Ireland) – Walked out of the 2002 squad after fight with coach
Sami Hyppia (Finland)
7. In 1970, what did Jochen Rindt win posthumously?
The Formula 1 World Championships. After winning the first 5 races, during the sixth race at the Italian GP, Jochen Rindt lost control of his car at the Parabolica curve at Imola. His lead in the points tally was however unassailable.

8. “Buzzing Hornets”, “Bitten Heroes”, “________” What next?

In countries where Tobacco advertising is banned, Benson & Hedges, sponsor of the former Jordan team, used to replace the brand name with the above messages in the same font. Last Year, the message was “Be On Edge”
Incidentally, “Bitten Heroes” was displayed during the 2001 USA GP at Indianopolis as a tribute to 911

9. What concept popular with heavy metal bands and pop culture originates from Revelation 13:18 in the Bible?

This passage reveals the Number of the Beast, 666
For those unaware of the relevance with heavy metal bands, one suggests sampling some Iron Maiden

10. Six minutes long, this rock song (no.1 in UK with million plus sales) has six sections – Introduction, ballad, guitar solo, opera, rock, outro. A mention of a certain Arabic word in the opera section was reason enough for the Iranian government to allow it to be released in Iran. Which song?

Very simple, Bohemian Rhapsody
Wikipedia has a treatise on this song which I strongly recommend everyone to read

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