1. Can’t drive Aston Martin DB2 (manual transmission):
“Craig’s 007 Can’t Get in Gear”

He is running. Unlike Pierce Brosnan who drove anything from water
scooters to tanks while chasing the bad guys, Craig will be running,
literally, after the baddies.

2. Can’t fire guns

3. Doesn’t like Vodka Martinis (shaken and//or/not stirred)

4. Can’t play poker

John Duthie, British poker player, is being called to the Berlin set to
teach the cast how to play poker and especially the meaning of the
expression “poker face”. Casino Royale without poker???

Of course the blond hair had started off the fans earlier with the
“Bond, Not Blond” campaign.

Craig says he is going to project a more “human and fallible” Bond. “I
just wanted to see him make a few mistakes, he says.

Well, Bond fans can decide on that.

Check out http://www.mi6.co.uk about stuff on Bond


One thought on “Daniel Craig does not a James Bond make

  1. Blond in itself may not be bad. Timothy Dalton, rated even lower than George Lazenby, most looked the part. Comma of hair falling over the forehead and all that.

    Koshchen re: your rock compilation. Failry loose term, in view of a lot of the stuff in your short-list.


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