One cannot avoid using Google for anything – search, mail, now chat. The use of language to spread its usage is quite remarkable. The other website or resource that I always go to is Wikipedia.

Both Wikipedia and Google are available in many languages but Google takes the cake as it provides an interface in languages that are extinct, fictional and parodic. Here are a few examples

Bork, Bork, Bork! – Imaging a Swede speaking English. Originates from The Muppet Show courtesy the Swedish Chef. In 2003, Opera released a Bork version of its browser. According to Bork!, you are doing a Veb Seerch

Bihari – My favourite. Unlike Indian languages which use the respective script, the Bihari interface uses normal Roman/Latin characters. So we have Angika, Makarjal and “Aapno Google Homepage Banabo

Elmer Fudd – There is no “r” or “l” only “w“. I am feewing wucky

Then there are languages like “Hacker”, “Klingon”, “Pig Latin” and “Interlingua”

In Wikipedia, the language that really makes sense is “Simple English” For an encyclopedia to be available in plain English (without any big technical words) is a remarkale achievement. Unfortunately, the number of articles is much less.

Just shows how difficult it is to explain things in simple English.


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