I watched Kill Bill again the other day on television. Being a trivia hunter, I focused my attention to observing the millions of obscure references and “inspirations” that Quentin Tarantino inevitably places in his movies. Here’s a quick list that I can recall and write about without much researching and cross checking.

1. The snakes: The five members of the Deadly Viper Assassination squad have names of deadly snakes found in mostly in southern US except for the Black Mamba. Am sure everyone knows the names of the snake but just to fill up this post, here they are

O-ren Ishii – Cottonmouth, a pit viper with a heat sensing organ that helps it locate warm blooded prey

The Bride – Black Mamba, found in Africa, extremely venomous and chilling to look at

Bud – Sidewinder, a rattlesnake belonging to the pit viper family, found in the deserts of North America

Elle Driver – California Mountain Snake, not posionous but a constrictor, it eats other snakes as well

Vernita Green – Copperhead, a sort of a viper, venomous but not enough to kill humans

2. D-VAS aka Deadly Viper Assassination Squad: Remember Pulp Fiction? Uma Thurman acted in a pilot episode of a serial called Fox Force Five featuring five people who save the world. The serial was never approved. QT expanded Fox Force Five into DVAS

3. Game of Death – Uma Thurman riding the yellow motorcycle wearing an yellow tracksuit

4. Charlie Brown – Sakichi Sato’s bald head

5. Hattori Hanso – Hattori Hanso was a 16th century Ninja serving in the Japanese imperial army. He has many legends to his name. There have been many TV serials in Japan based on the life of Hattori Hanso and the actor who played HH in these serials, Sonny Chiba, aslo played his namesake, the master swordsmith, in Kill Bill

6. Crazy 88 Eye Masks – From Kato (Bruce Lee) in the Green Hornet

7. Star Trek: Old Klingon proverb, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”

8. Last one, There’s a hoarding of “Red Apple Cigarettes” at Tokyo airport. Butch (Bruce Willis) in Pulp Fiction smoked Red Apple cigarrettes

And there are many more. Dialogues lifted from movies, scenes copied, character names inspired, etc.

Typical QT


One thought on “Kill Bill

  1. Couldn’t pick up the Game of Death refernce. What is that? Also is teh Charlie Brown thng for real or just speculation?

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