Five questions on famous guest appearances in music. Answers in a week or when replies dry up

1. A pioneering jazz musician, he shared his birthday with India’s Republic Day. Starting his career as a pianist for silent films, he formed the first ever all-string jazz band with Django Reinhardt playing the violin. He is buried in the same cemetery as Jim Morrison, Samuel Beckett and JRD Tata. Name the legend and in which Pink Floyd song does he make an uncredited guest appearance?

2. One of the most brilliant guitarists (IMHO, anyway) whose career was cut short tragically, he used an old medicine bottle as his slide. He avoided the Vietnam draft as he was the eldest son and his father was dead, murdered in 1949. A big fan of Eric Clapton, he engineered to be present as a sessions guitarist during one of Clapton’s studio

sessions. He was thrilled to be recognised by Clapton who thought he was a great guitarist and invited him to play lead in the song he was recording with his band. This guitarist played one of the most memorable lead guitar riffs called the “crying bird”. Clapton played acoustic guitar in this song. Name the Clapton song and the guitarist

3. Born in 1944, John Sebastian was raised in New York’s Greenwich Village, nursery for contemporaries like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. He formed his own band called Lovin’ Spoonful with Steve Boone on bass and Joe Butler on drums. In tune with this quiz, name the song where he guest appears playing the harmonica and is credited as G. Puglese, because he did not want to be associated with the lead singer’s frequent misdemeanours?

4. Ok, no background story or anything, straightforward question. Who plays the steel pedal guitar in CSNY’s Teach Your Children? (Easy for the Googlers, I guess)

5. Unbelievable collaboration (at least for me). Song written by Mark Knopfler, originally meant for the album Love Over Gold but discarded. Lead guitar played by Jeff Beck. For the singer, this single touched number 7 in the US, number 26 in the UK while the album of the same name sold 5 million copies featuring in the top three in the charts on either side of the Atlantic. Name the song and the singer?

Ok, done. Let the replies roll



One thought on “Famous Guest Appearances in Music

  1. Hi Anannya,
    Got to your blog thru your journal entry on Dive. Interesting posts you have here – I don’t have the answers to the latest one’s (yet!) 🙂

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