Being a late adopter, I took to reading Dan Browne’s The Da Vinci Code earlier this week. I managed to finish reading it in a single sitting of four hours. Guess, that either means I was completely velaa or it was good fast paced read. Well, It was a good read in as much it gave you various points of intrigue like the concept of Mary Magdalene and the various symbols and icons mentioned. As a plot, well, DB has a long way to go to reach the heights achieved by giants like Ludlum and Clancy.

What I like about this book is it makes you run to your comp, open Google and start checking out the various pieces of information and trivia covered in the book. In as much as become a discussion point, this book definitely achieves that.

Having had my dose of history, I have now moved on to revisiting some droll British humour, Yes Minister. More on that when I finish.


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